Caburn Health – Integrated Digital Health and Social Care Solutions

Caburn Health develop and deploy technology solutions for integrated health and social care provision, answering the challenges set by aging populations and ever more thinly stretched budgets.

Our central hub allows simple connection of authenticated health, social care and home automation devices using open industry short range wireless standards to create a single view of the patient’s wellbeing, the environment around them and how they are interacting.

Scalable and future-proof

Our major focus is in delivering simple to use, stand-alone, highly extensible monitoring and reporting systems based on open industry standards to ensure future relevance and interoperability with existing technologies.

Security is paramount

The secure data platform can be easily configured to direct monitored data, alerts and alarms to the relevant people and systems by any preferred method or protocol.

Total control

Our authentication and usage platform allows the commissioner to define which organisations can attach devices to the hub, and what happens to the data, plus it accounts for the data used and can create chargeback invoicing to ensure charges reflect usage.

Our Solution:

Caburn Health – Integrated Digital Health and Social Care Solutions

Keep on top of long term conditions

Caburn Health – Integrated Digital Health and Social Care SolutionsCaburn Health create simple solutions to the most complex problems such as COPD.

Our single smart system enables clinicians to oversee your wellbeing, and lets family and carers to ensure your home is safe for you.


  • Health Monitoring
  • Health Vital Signs – including:
  • Blood Pressure, Blood Oxygen, Peak Flow


  • PIR and sensor mats let carers know when the user is up and about, and can alert them if the normal pattern is broken.


  • Authorise & authenticate carers and domestic helpers, determine who can gain access to the service-user’s home

Our Partners

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